Training Support

Get Involved in any or all our programs as part of your Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Trainings

1. Waste Collectors training

The training encompasses the proper and efficient collection, disposal, and management of waste materials. The training ensures they are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

4. Stakeholder engagments

Structured approach to players in the circular economy value chain about relevant regulations, laws, policies, and compliance requirements that impact their operations. It ensures that everyone within the organization understands and adheres to the regulatory standards that govern their industry.

2. Regulatory Frameworks Training

Involving individuals, groups, or entities, including National & county Government, Retailers, and Manufacturers among others, that contribute to the circular economy value chain.

3. Sector engagments

Interacting with and involving various stakeholders within the circular economy sector. This aims to foster collaboration, gather insights, and address challenges collectively to achieve common goals.