PAKPRO is the trading name of the Packaging Producer Responsibility Organisation Limited, formerly trading as Kenya PET Recycling Company Limited (PETCO) incorporated in 2018, as a business member organisation, to represent the industry’s joint effort to regulate post-consumer packaging.

Why Choose Us

  • Ensure members volumes are collected & processed;
  • Data on volumes of packaging material recovered across the counties &


  • We ensure that we handle all your regulatory obligations with respect to EPR
  • We provide certification for compliance with the regulator.  ;
  • Seminars & Workshops on circular economy, waste management and industry innovations & trends


200+ Satisfied Members

In the four years of our operation, we have subsidized the collection and recycling of over 25,000Mt of PET packaging material across the country. This accounts for over 1 billion PET bottles that have been recovered from the environment; 

To ensure best practices in material recovery across the informal sector, over 2000 waste entrepreneurs trading in the recovery of recyclable materials, have been trained on proper waste management and recovery processes. Each of whom aggregate recovered material and offer trading business to 10 – 100 small scale waste managers.

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